Villa Hemstrand / Pargas
An appletree with 750 lamps. (2006)
Free choise / Äkäslompolo
Velho-Riekko-Käärme-opera props. (2006)
Bläsnäs well / Pargas
"The eye of the well". (2004)
Cement production in Finland 90 years / Pargas
"Kalkista syntyy teollisuutta". Made from parts of a clinker burning owen. Environmental art you can bicycle through. (2004)
Roundabout / Pargas
Five sails that turn slowly in the wind. (2000)
Winter spikes
Ice/gauze statue. (1995)
Polar night / Kolari
738 icelamps on the ice of Muonio river. (1995)
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