City of Pargas
Pargas library
"Free the books!" -campaign.
Lounais-Saariston Urheilukalastajat r.y.
The fishing club was founded in 1999 and is active both in flyfishing as well as lure fishing. The finnish acronym for the club is LSUK.
Päivi Tallberg Design
"Pohjan akka" faces the linear world, but still her ideas twirl.
Dick Tallberg Consulting
Her husbands company.
Library infodesk / Muonio
Keimiöniemi fishinghuts.
Turunmaa hospital infodesk / Turku
Bed of reeds.
Pargas sceneries
Roundabout / Pargas
Rävsund bridge / Pargas
Gamla Malmen in the summer / Pargas
Business cards
Pargas stad
The card has a perforated sail.

Päivi Tallberg Design
The card has a perforated window to the next page.
Turunmaa hospital lounge / Turku
"Going hoe healthy" - tiffany, with 300 glass pieces. (2006)
Mini Garden
A japanese minigarden. (2005)
Airisto Holiday Housing Fair / Pargas
Lantern. (2004)
Paraisten filatelistit ry
Stamp. (2006)
Paraisten kaukolämpö
Annual report covers. (2004, 2005, 2006)
Paraisten Vesi
Annual report covers. (2004)
Pumpstation / Pargas
Youth and sport centre / Väståboland
The new youth facilities(2009)
Nikula / Turku
Electric cabinet/radiator cover in hallway. Library corner. Turnkey delivery. (2009)
Wellness Park / Pargas
New premises in old building. Color therapy in gym. (2007)
Lyhty / City of Pargas / Pargas
Meeting room. (2007)
Turunmaa hospital lounge / Turku
Building designed by Eric Bryggman. The lounge has been designed true to his spirit but with modern methods. Attention has also been given to patients entering by stretchers, as they can look at the pictures of sky inserted in the ceiling. The furniture has been chosen according to the original era and also trying to emphasize the archipelago connection of the patients. (2005)
Dalaskog society house / Pargas
Lilla Åboland / Pargas
Design inspired by the sea. (2004)
Filadelfia parish / Pargas
Town council meeting room / Kolari
Järämä / Enontekiö
Exhibition area and cafeteria. (1995)
Muonio library / Muonio
Woodcuts from own design. (1994)
City hall info desk / Pargas
Resembling a boat. (2000)
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