Olos biathlon stadium / Muonio
The whole concept - stadium and service area - designed according to FIA regulations in connection with an existing ski track network. (2007)
Björkebo / Pargas
Preliminary renovationplan for old people's rowhouse. (2003)
Ihmisen rinki / Äkäslompolo / Kolari
Open air theater, auditorium and open air exhibition area. (2000-2006)
Järämä / Enontekiö
Wartime trench guide and exhibition building with cafeteria. (1994-1995)
Town hall / Muonio
Renovation. (1996-1997)
Äkäslompolo school centre / Äkäslompolo / Kolari
renovation and expansion of school. day care centre and gym in same yard. (1998)
Library / Muonio
old school changed to library with new entrance. (1996)
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